Project Description

Hypnosis is effective for all types of fears and phobias:

Common are fears of: (what about heights and public speaking?)

  • flying
  • enclosed spaces
  • crowds
  • snakes
  • insects
  • being in elevators
  • being alone

Some of these fears can completely restrict your life, and others may cause occasional distress. Both cases result in emotional fatigue and can be accompanied by sadness, hopelessness, and frustration. You might feel like you are frozen in fear of making the wrong decision, causing you to miss out on many opportunities in your life.

However, your fears and phobias are not always based in logic or rational thought—they are two concepts tied together in your mind. The first is the concept of the trigger object, the thing that you are most afraid of, and the second is the sensation of fear in your body. But you can learn to react to your fears in a constructive and healthy way. Your phobias can vanish as fast as your initial fear developed.

Hypnosis employs a reversed process to help you overcome your fears. We do this by separating the trigger object from the emotion of fear. You’ve probably experienced what it feels like when you experience a trigger: fear takes over your body immediately. But if you practice with more helpful reactions to the trigger object in a safe space, then in times where you’re caught by surprise or have no choice, you have already practiced with the trigger.

That is the moment that you can handle it with ease, and finally be free.


Some people are worried that we might push them too hard:

  • “I’m not ready to face my fears.”
  • “I feel like I can’t breathe when I’m in elevators. I can’t just go and do it.”
  • “Snakes aren’t just scary. They’re dangerous. I’m not getting near one.”

But hypnosis will only go at the pace that you are ready for. We’ll first uncover the core reason for the fear, and create a foundation and scaffolding for the new practices before even starting them. Only once you are prepared can we start to work with the triggers themselves, and you’ll find that at that point, it won’t be as scary anymore.