Project Description

One of the strengths of hypnosis is that it makes use of the following theory:


Your Expectations → Your Perception

For example:

  •  If you expect surgery to be painful, you will actually feel more pain.
  • If you expect your cancer to come back, there’s a higher chance that it will come back
  • If you expect your injury to be permanent, then it will last longer and heal more slowly



With hypnosis, you can change your expectations so that you can expect abundance and pain-free life. Imagine what it would be like to expect that:

  • your body will get stronger and healthier
  • you can be healed and helped, and that you can trust your caregivers to guide you
  • you will be treated with love and care.

In addition to perceiving your pain differently, you also have the capacity of healing sickness in your body. All of us have an internal healing system, called the parasympathetic nervous system, or the “Rest and Digest” system. We also have a sympathetic nervous system, infamously called the “Fight, Flight or Freeze” system which is activated in times of danger. The catch is that usually, only one system can work at a time.

Because of your core beliefs and past experiences, you may end up constantly being in the “Fight, Flight or Freeze” system. Hypnosis helps you activate the parasympathetic system instead, which in turn activates your immune and lymphatic systems in order to heal your body.

By the way, pain is just a message from the unconscious mind to the conscious to inform it that there is something wrong when the healing process starts and work effectively, there wouldn’t be any need to deliver this message anymore.

Call us to practice expecting a life full of vigor, and then creating it!